A certain sickness

A certain sickness is expanding the horizon of the hues of blue. When the crowded thoughts clap the trembling hands become sticky with my sickly sap.      

Rubber hand

insert the nail between the convulsive slit of my being fill it with visions of ecstasies past and future drown it in stabbings of the flesh hundreds of hands ripping chunks of memories tearing at a once craddled decency shrill siren knocked off her solid base of stone pulled into plagues of sin sinner


Biased acid is streaming from his salty lips again. How do I stop it? At one point gagging it with a witty response stopped it flooding into my skull.   Now the umbilical cord between bile and brain stem has fused into tough sinew. No matter how much I hack with realization there it is, […]


I do not feel well I feel sickly and small like a bruised petal that is never quite swept up as the others ,feel struck from a record i have kept of myself i have lost myself within myself again  try to wriggle out but the bindings of my own negative circles get tighter and […]

The little Death.

distinct lack of excitement. Old ghosts haunt the womb of what could and should. Highlighting flaws of charm. Rubbing of membranes to produce mucus becomes a definition rather than a supplement. Stumble into a sedative of your own masked being. Suckling at the breast or malnutrition, sublimation. Petals froth bite at opportunities to replace mental […]

The process of becoming older.

leaning tower of defeat looms over in the corner ready to crush and defile all the work that came before. Light is slowly sucked into the folds of each new decadent lifestyle choice,  beats on a pavement become slower and less deliberate. Each filling up to the edge of despair as the morning becomes colder, […]


I am unable Movement has been struck from my nerves Tongue and eyes lazily writhing in place Considering options independent of myself. Unable to place a finger on the tightness, to reach the converts convulsions. Secretive in my consumption, slushies mixed silently, barns creaking blind zeal I am unable Control is beyond the precipice of […]