I am unable Movement has been struck from my nerves Tongue and eyes lazily writhing in place Considering options independent of myself. Unable to place a finger on the tightness, to reach the converts convulsions. Secretive in my consumption, slushies mixed silently, barns creaking blind zeal I am unable Control is beyond the precipice of […]


Queen Sophie dealt with the death of Bohemia how any would deal with the cold due of anxious sweat stains that dry and leave follicles aching with a need to tear the hair. It’s notoriously easy to get so everyone gets it but then churns as they know no one will admit it the union […]

A certain sickness

A certain sickness is expanding the horizon of the hues of blue. When the crowded thoughts clap the trembling hands become sticky with my sickly sap.      


i don’t know what to write so i write out of spite i don’t know what to write so i write out of spite the mass is massive aggression passive recollection of my regression as a word kills every passion

Faint clouds

My eyes are glazing over the memories of your face All the times I would say something stupid Your lips would twitch with a smile that spread around any room like wildfire As I see it less clearly Larger and larger lumps of your person drift off Joining the pale blue sky of everyone forgotten […]